Thursday, 2 June 2011

Running behind

Not a happy one - I must say,

I have myself a plan, and a day later have I stuck to it? NO. I get excited about different bits of the project, love all the creative stuff but writing? Oh no, that's not my fortayyyyyyyyyyyy. But I have good news - 19 pages later my sourcing is completed, oh how I'd love to give you a glimsp but that's not possible because I've worked it out, by the time I change a photoshop image into a JPEG I could of got another page done ready to print - So what am I wasting my time talking on here? Quite frankly I don't know how to stop talking, quite weird but every night when I get home I can barely breathe my mouth's so dry, all this red bull doesn't help I suppose.

Not looking forward to printing my blog out - 2000000000000000000 million worlds later, definately going to bore all the lectures for three days straight.

Oh before I go - my dream, that I gave Justin 24 million cheeseburgers just so he'd give me a distinction, now I love my food but I doubt that's even possible eating that many cheeseburgers - clearly had way to much red bull today ..... anywho.

Adious x