Monday, 6 June 2011

Bye Blog -

I was going to keep going, and keep posting but I think it's getting silly now. I'm addicted to this thing - If I could just blog my whole life trust me I would.

Just wanted to say, I hope I've kept you amused, It's been a pleasure - even though my spelling is dreadful.

Going to print you off in the morning, get you bound and give you a BIG TICK off my list.

You'll have to just see the rest of my work in my main body,

Thank you WORLD for reading my blog - LOVE the fact people in China and India have looked at him, probably didn't have a clue what was going on, but I still appreciate it.

If there is anything I can do to persuade you to give me a distinction, call me on .........................

Was nice knowing you.


Trend page -

Here is an example of one of my trend pages - It's for 'Out of Africa' and jsut displays the key details, I was going to spread it out over 5 pages, but then I though that wouldn't be KEY DETAILS - I've also written a brief trend analysis so that you'll be able to understand the trend and why it's revelant to 'Aware'.


Sunday, 5 June 2011


Got LOADS done today, I think my list wasn't as long as I though, and I'd done most of it just hadn't put it on photoshop so therefre does not count as finished, and isn't intitaled to be crossed off the list.

I finished my exec summar, evaluation, concept, mission,heritage and values just want to get it checked over tomorrow.

I finished my garment tech so that's all ready to go, just need to concentrate on annotation my merchandising, comp results, planogram, and catwalk insp pages.

Also going to start printing tomorrow to make things easier - So i'm guessing that's going to be a goodbye to blogspot.

I tell you what, I'll upload my planogram tomorrow and then say bye,


Feel like I'm getting somewhere.

So I've just completed Garment tech - Buyer's pack, I'm going to get it checked on Tuesday before I print it just to make such I've included everything.

My list is for once getting smaller -

What I aim to finish by the end of the day - actually not aim - WILL.
  • Finish customer profile page
  • Product Information - size ration
  • Exec summary
  • Comp shop results
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand values
  • Brand Logo
  • Allocation page
  • Evaluation
(All are things that are pretty much done, just need tweaking)

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Buyer's pack

Here's three pages of my 'buyer's pack'

LOVE LOVE LOVE this lecture - hope you like them,

I don't know how I'm gonna be able to print my blog off, it's hugeeeeeeeee.

Friday, 3 June 2011


Everything's green!! I can't help it - when I think Green I think Eco -

Anywho - packaging, wanted to keep it quite simple, yeah have a really strong clear message - basically 'save the planet' - I'm kidding

I love this saying - *For a more sustainable fashion future - so I put it on the bag, there it is below - the aim is just to encourage the consumer to re - use the bag, which supports the brand ethics.

Todays list

Stayed up untill 2am last night, and wasn't even tired.

Today's list -
  • Product information
  • Option sheets
  • Finish Pricing
  • Exec summary
  • Garment tech - Buyer's pack
Already finished option sheets and pricing this morning - so hopefully I start start tomorrow's list today.

Pricing -

Here is just an example of the pricing I did for one range, I have doen this for each range -

I made sure the feedback I got from my range plan assignment I used in my FMP.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Running behind

Not a happy one - I must say,

I have myself a plan, and a day later have I stuck to it? NO. I get excited about different bits of the project, love all the creative stuff but writing? Oh no, that's not my fortayyyyyyyyyyyy. But I have good news - 19 pages later my sourcing is completed, oh how I'd love to give you a glimsp but that's not possible because I've worked it out, by the time I change a photoshop image into a JPEG I could of got another page done ready to print - So what am I wasting my time talking on here? Quite frankly I don't know how to stop talking, quite weird but every night when I get home I can barely breathe my mouth's so dry, all this red bull doesn't help I suppose.

Not looking forward to printing my blog out - 2000000000000000000 million worlds later, definately going to bore all the lectures for three days straight.

Oh before I go - my dream, that I gave Justin 24 million cheeseburgers just so he'd give me a distinction, now I love my food but I doubt that's even possible eating that many cheeseburgers - clearly had way to much red bull today ..... anywho.

Adious x

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Another BIG list.

All about time management and planning - and keep believing.

So I plan to finish FMP by next Wednesday - and this is my daily lists -

  • Exex summary
  • Sourcing - nearly finished my strategy!!! woop.
  • Product information - because it's all Eco product I think this is really important
  • Option sheets
  • Buyer's pack - guessing it will take me a while
  • Range structure
  • Trend Analysis
  • Catwalk insp and key shapes
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand values
  • Info/heritage
  • Comp shop results
  • Brand Logo
  • All the annotating which are the bits I don't enjoy
  • Get merch checked
  • Promotion
  • Packaging
  • Floor plan/Planogram
  • Evaluation
  • Bibliography
  • Present World congress to Phillip Green
  • Research
  • And print BLOG!
then I shall be ready to hand in - I hope.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Hi Blog,

Feeling slightly guilty as FMP has been on hold for 3 days due to a very important interview tomorrow morning - having got through to the second stage of my Miss Selfridge interview for a BAA position - EEEK!

I'm nervous and very very excited, how I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to work for Miss Selfridge.

But I promise as from tomorrow afternoon I'll be back to my panic self, on track aiming to finish over the weekend - I've got lots of faffing to do, writing up bits and bobs, and I've worked out how many hours until the deadline and it's quite a lot even if I do go a few days without sleep - I will have my sourcing strategy completed by tomorrow afternoon,

Adious - wish me good luck.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Super long list.

Decided not to go into college today - Don't have any lectures and think I'll work better at home, insted of being asked a million questions that I probably don't even know the answer too.

I've given myself a mahousive list to complete by the end of the day - whether it be early hours of tomorrow morning, nothing like Red Bull and Pro plus can't handle.

  • Put merch spreadsheets on to photoshop ready to annotate
  • Finish price architecture for all 3 ranges
  • Complete Option sheets - most of it is copying and pasting
  • Put Range planners on to photoshop
  • Start garment tech - I've done my costing of the garment
  • Finish critical path
  • Start sourcing strategy
and I've turnt my phone off, hopeing this will really help.

I also started looking at influential trends for AW11 to prepare for my second stage interview on Wednesday at Miss Selfridge - Really really really hope I get it.

Look at this amazing image -

Attention to detail or what!?

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Spreadsheets - CHECK

So I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel - If we still use that phrase.

I've completed all of my spreadsheets - except one - critical path, I just need to finish 10 garments, wasn't sure If all of my products from China would have the same dates, and I've had to add a few extra weeks here and there because my garments are Eco, it's kind of made things difficult.

But heyho, I'm not going to upload any pictures of spreadsheets, because I know how boring that is.

I'm going to start my garment tech now, decided to do a buyer's pack - already worked out my costing for the garment I'm going to use, just need to put the pack together.

Finito - Final range.

Finally - I've finished my final range, only consists of 19 options, so it's the smallest of them all.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Getting on top of merch.

Only spent the whole day completing my merchandising spreadsheets - NO BIGGIE.

All I need to do to them now is annotate them and bang, one subject down.

Good News - I've got through the 1st interview at Miss Selfridge - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH fingers crossed, next step is to present an interview - Oh I'm so excited.

Plan for tonight - After work -

  • Complete Out of Africa range plan and upload for you all to see
  • Complete range planner showing my cost prices and margins for this final trend.
Then I can start my sourcing strategy and critical path tomorrow - Happy days.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Modern Luxury -

Modern Luxury Range Plan -

I would ask for your comments, but I somehow accidentally deleted the comments button.
Just finishing off my costings for this range so that I can finish my option sheet - Motivated me tonight.
Just have to finish my final range so that I can do my costings tomorrow - I'm also going to complete my critical path tomorrow.

I wrote out a list earlier to look at the layout of my final work - I have A LOT of work to do.

Love a country life -

As you can see below, One completed range - I'm just finishing off the other two by adding the COO's and prices, then shaBANG - that's one thing to tick off the list - I'm not going to sleep until I've finished the other two, so if I look like I've been slapped in the face by a BIG cheese sandwich tomorrow - APOLOGIES if you have to see me.

I will upload my other two ranges before I fall asleep tonight.

Oh and I've completed my Range Planner and option sheet for this trend - And if you are marking my work, I've checked with Rachael to make sure they're all right, so TRUST ME.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Lists, lists and more LISTS

Bet way to start a post, straight in with a list, why not? I'm only human.

Feel like I've got so much to do - and everything takes so long. I've spent nearly a week on three ranges, no a good look at all. I'm just writing my prices on my Country range, and then I need to complete my Out of Africa range, always panic I'm not going to finish all of my work - I'd be suicidal I know it.

Seeing the BIG man himself tomorrow -

Maybe he can freeze time for me -

Anyway, back to my list;
  • Range Plans
  • Pricing Triangles
  • Range planner x 3
  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Garment Technology
All by Friday - GOOD LUCK ME.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Panic mode.

The title explains it all, feel like i'm not panicing enough - and looking at the work I've done - it's not a lot. I still haven't finished my range plans!! I MUST do that before merch on monday morning, and then I need to start all the other little bits, I'm going to write down ANOTHER list tonight, so I kind of know what needs to be done before Saturday, I wish I could show you some pictures, but i'm afraid at the moment there isn't any.

Still love ya.

Oh wait, STOP - I brough a canvas bag today ;) part of my promotion, I'm going to print on it.

(Tell me i'm good)

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sourcing answers - (Blogging when in my tutorial)

Lead times include shipping.
Namad and Margins - one decimal place, remember.
Turkey truck - 7 days.
Environmental issues - more indepth.
Narror supply base - limited sources that offer eco products, easier to insure products are eco, existing relationships.
2 - 3 extra for lead times - explain why? fabric might take longer, fitting etc? extra week to make it, to work shorter hours.
I need to make my ranges smaller!!!
Factor of about 3 and 3.5

left slightly confused. :(

Sourcing questions??

Trying to think of questions to ask Rachael, but as always my mind goes blank when I actually need to use it.

I know that my PESTEl has to be amazing, and I have to increased my lead times - oh and my margins will be a lot lower.

What else can I ask her?

  • Pestel - how will it be different if it's eco?
  • types of influences?
  • how much extra lead times?
  • what are the lead times from china, india and turkey?
  • any relevant websites I can use?
I'll get back to you when I have the answers.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Short and sweet.


I've nearly finished my modern luxury mood board - being Marks I had to think about core and fashionable product, as the range will consist of more core products, so I've got a deep range rather than a wide - which Is something I haven't done before. but if that's what the customer wants? that's what the customer gets.

Plan .... to finish this range tomorrow morning, as soon as I get back from my MISS SELFRIDGE interview - Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Also, I'm going to get kicked started on sourcing, as I know why I'm doing just need to insure PESTEL is amazing, in fact better than amazing, ............... can't think of a word better.

I know how to back up reasons for having a narrow supply base etc, Eco fashion is so limited and needs to be controlled by Marks, because if it isn't then obviously won't be Eco - simple.

Kind of vague - but I'll update tomorrow, and share exciting photos.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Customer profile -

OK, so I've made an overall customer profile showing the age range and the types of lifestyles the customer may have, including income, shopping habbits and likes and interests. Age range being between 50 - 65

I have also created 3 personal customer profiles, includuing photos of the 'Her' and looked more into the way 'she' shops, where she buys her current clothes from? How much would she spend on clothes? How important eco - fashion is? I took three different ages to make the profiles more varied, 50 year old, 56 year old and 65 year old.

My plan now is to create mood boards on each of these profiles to use as back grounds - As I want my work to be really visual.

Modern Luxury

Here is my final trend mood board -

It's minimal I know, but represents the trend at it's best.

I feel a slight more motivated now - I know what I need, IPOD and CHOCOLATE BISCUITS.

Monday blues

Not going to lie or anything - Finding today extremely hard, even managed to shed some tears - what an emotional wreck. I let FMP do this to me last year, why have I gone and done it again.

If only I new what motivated me - I know it's success, and I know if I don't complete my FMP - and get a job then I won't find success - but it's just not working today, I worry about EVERYTHING and listening to everybody and college saying, 'Have you done this' 'I've done this' does not help one bit.

On the plus side, i've got an interview for Miss Selfridge on Thursday - fingers crossed, I think that's something that worries me a lot, if only I new I had a secure job at the end of my course, I think life would be so much easier.

My lists just keep getting longer and longer, and I start things but never finished them. Started my SWOT - not finished - started my Customer profile - that's not finished. I really hope it all comes together, and I really wish I was a little at ease over the whole thing, I mean i've done quite a bit compared to some people and I'm still worrying.

Panic Parsons - that's me.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday brainwave

Been thinking about ways to present my work - probably the last thing I should be thinking of. I'm going to make it as visual as possible - so the whole project will be filled with millions of mood boards - It's how I work best.

Two completed mood boards -

I just need to finish off the Modern Luxury mood board, then I can move on to catwalk inspiration pages and trend analysis pages - ALWAYS, ALWAYS leave the writing until the very end, not my favorite bit.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Range building -

Looking at key silhouettes as I'm putting together my ranges, these items below will be huge in SS12, and look great on the high street;

Inspirational catwalk images

Designers are a huge influence on the high street, which is why I spent ages looking at SS11 trends and SS12 forecasts - some of my favorite;

Checklist -

Thinking BIG, so I've got a very big checklist - but if all goes well, and I stay in I shall complete it all, as followed;

  • Mood boards x3
  • Mission statement
  • Brand values
  • Customer profile
  • SWOT x2
  • Templates
  • Trend Analysis
  • Start range plans
  • 2 merch spread sheets
Here goes.......

Loving the 50s and chloe.

LOVE this catwalk image, really really inspiring and just shows how a design from the catwalk can be transformed onto the high street with the templates below.

I think for my garment tech, I'm going to use this dress (Which will be in one of the three trends) to create a 'buyer's pack'.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Mood board mania -

Take a look, this is my African trend mood board - completed it today, and plan to finish the other two mood boards tomorrow - then onto the trend analysis pages. Love doing these pages - really really creative. Take a look, (Of course when I print my final copy, I'll use the best of the best paper - and no doubt go all out and get every page laminated!

Again, I've taken a photo of the image - I'm not at college, and forgot to save it on my USB - typical.
But as you can see, there is a huge colour palette, and all the colours fit together really well, with three famous prints - zebra, giraffe and leopard. These prints work really well with colour and represent a huge trend. Women will Love it.

p.s I promise to upload my other two mood boards as soon as there done.

6pm finish -

Hardcore, Hardcore, Hardcore Me.

I wish to do super, super well with this last FMP - as it'll be the last piece of work I ever do. So I'm trying really really hard - which means college 9 -5 everyday, hasn't helped I've had tonsillitis this week either. It's killlllllllllllllling me.

Feel like I'm on track - I've set myself an amount of work which I want completed by the end of weeks, because I know only have 4 weeks until hand - in. Which will come round oh so fast.

My research is up on the go - ready to hand in, well nearly - can't believe how long it's taking me to cut and stick - plan to get the mum and sister on the go with the scissors while Britain's got talent is on Saturday night.

I'm not gonna lie and say I'm really fast, because I'm not - and as everybody will tell you - I'm a perfectionist. Spend hours deciding on font, colour, size, layout and all the little bits which I doubt nobody will even take notice of.

I was thinking about logo for ages, and Debbie told me to keep it SIMPLE, and reflect the existing sub - brands logo - which in my opinion are pretty dull. But, they are so easy to read and remember - I knew I wanted the logo to have some colour in it, and I new that colour had to be green - as the range is all about Eco product - so bamb, that bit was easy. Tried a million one times to get it write, even turnt the world upside down to see what that looked like, Tony was slightly confused when I showed him that one - and replied, the brand isn't called reflection Amy. Thanks.

But below is my logo - Represents Eco - simple - clear - and remember able.

I've created a template to use throughout the whole of my project - the logo will be on every page accept my mood boards. Small in the corner, and faded mood boards in the background - Only spent a few hours on it, not long. You know me.

Expert advice

Tuesday -

Being on placement at Marks and Spencer's is one hell of an advantage - and just as Debbie said, 'take advantage of that!' - which is what I have done.

Managed to speak to lots and lots of people on Tuesday and asked lots and LOTS of questions.

  • How much space would a new sub - brand be given?
  • How many stores would a new sun - brand go to?
  • What stores? How many top stores are there?
  • When would they launch the brand?
  • How effective would the launch be?

Obviously I asked the merchandising team - and from this I came to a conclusion, The brand will launch around March time, as this is when the sales pick up in Marks, January and February are dead months, and the brand will launch in 21 top stores, including the Internet as that counts as one. The brand will consist on three capsule collections - as this will make a bigger impact to the customer, as the collections will consist of key, fashionable product, - the customer will then be able to stop basic product from the t-shirt range which is already existent within all stores.

Ideas as followed, an Eco - friendly canvas bag free with all purchases.
Display of the web page.

Members of the womenswear department LOVED my idea, and felt the age range I am targeting at is spot on, they also mentioned that it was the age range of the 'Portfolio' customer, which has recently been taken out of Marks - this brand didn't work because it different give a clear message, the product was wearing work wear and customers 50+ still want to buy fashionable product.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Merch madness -

1st merchandising lesson back, overwhelming to say the least. Felt like everything was put in perspective towards the end of it though, after all there is only 7 spreadsheets to do.
  • Space and sales plan
  • Unit plan
  • Option plan
  • WSSI
  • Delivery schedule
  • Range plan
  • Critical path
But I actually feel quite confident about these, and plan to have at least 3 of them done by the end of the week, ready to show Angie on Monday.

I've started my mood boards, Can't wait to show you those, give me a few days and kerching - I'll upload them.

What else did I manage to do today? Oh yeah, photocopied loads and loads of articles from market research books and verdict - one very, very interesting online site, good job I never had to pay for the articles really, some of them were like £10,000 and putting that kind of article in my basket felt kind of wrong.

I've got work placement for the day tomorrow - so I've wrote in my diary loads of questions that I can ask them;
  • How many top stores do they have?
  • How much space would a brand be given?
  • Would they trial the brand in top stores - or would it go all stores?
and most importantly . . . . . . .

Can I use there printer when it comes to printing? who'd of though they used such good quality paper.

I've had loads of logo ideas, just a case of picking which one I prefer - the brand is called 'Aware' as it means knowledgeable, it shows how the customer is aware that the products are Eco - friendly.

What'd you think?

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Fashion snoops

Had a chance to look at spring/summer trends for SS12 on I was looking for extremely fashion trends that would be commercial, classic and provide quality for the older customer, giving me the chance to mix with colours and prints yet keeping really nice sophisticated silhouettes.

Modern Luxury - One of the strongest expressions of the season, Reflects the continuing trend for minimal sportswear, Stella, Chloe and Akris displayed this trend really well - Wide leg pants, trench coats, white buttoned down shirts, Classic shapes.
70s Sportswear - Marc Jacobs influenced, long skirts, trousers, shirts, stripes, jumpsuits (trousers) Printed, blazers, dots, long sleeve maxi dresses and jackets.
Out of Africa - African prints, trousers, jumpsuits, shirts, skinny print trousers, long dresses, knee length dresses, white, beige, prints, yellows and blacks.

Other SS12 fashion trends -
  • Ladylike 50s
  • Hope chest - bridal troussean, etheral, picnic
  • Boho
  • Techno tribal
  • Tropical safari

Comp shop galore -

Yesterday -
After an extremley nerve racking morning - SOI Presentation, I was overwhelemed by the comments and how much faith they had in my FMP idea. In a weird way, it kind of gave me that extra convidence and boost that I needed to believe that my idea is commerical enough and to actually work.

And.... then put me in panic mode when I realised I know only have about four weeks untill hand - in.

'Whatever you do Amy, don't go into Parsons Panic mode' Justin Smith, too late i'm afraid.

Just want to nail this on the head now.

Took a trip down to Oxford street -
  • Street style and influences
  • Competitors on the high street
  • Photos and SWOTs of different retailers.
I felt like a dectitive, but going into lots of different stores was a huge amount of help, I took photos in, and looked at current trends.

My Aim - To attract that older more fashionable lady, that already exists as a customer in Marks, but dones't usualy find what she's looking for in the clothing department, but might do her weekly food shop in marks , buy accessories or even underwear.

Retailers like -
  • L.K Bennett
  • Vaella
  • Jeager
  • East
  • Phase 8
  • Kew
  • Jigzaw
  • Reiss
Are all stores that I feel represent where the 'customer' may already shop, but some of these retailers may be to high priced but they offer fashionable silhouttes that the 'customer' may want to wear.

Images showing the different existing sub - brands within Marks and Spencers -

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Such a small word - with so much meaning. and (Two of my most favorite websites in the world, besides facebook, which I will not be using during FMP)

My aim - to understand the customer better, and meet their needs more effectively and to clearly identify the gap in the market, gather information about new trends and products - and most of all

Shape the future strategy

OK, so they're not all of my own words - Jane Rome knows best when it comes to research.

Market and consumer data - Social trends - Performance data

I've actually done loads of Research it's just in one big pile in my bedroom -

I made sure I looked at the;
  • Where the gap in the market is
  • Social trends - new products
  • Competition on the high street
  • Brand opportunities
  • Newspapers, magazine and Internet articles
  • Company figures
  • Key fabrics and colours for SS12
  • Trend websites - fashion icons
  • Dispensable income information
and, LOADS, LOADS more - it's all in my research file.

I tell you what, I'll upload some of my comp shops I've conducted, just to give you an idea - one of the main things I made sure I looked at was all of the different sub brands in Marks - and how the positioning of them could affect the new sub - brand. I was quite lucky, whilst at Marks head office I made sure I slipped in a few questions with the directors - and got the all clear from them personally. I wanted to make sure the new sub - brand had something even more exciting to offer. The older customer needs extremely fashion trends - they want to feel AMAZING.

I used some of Janes methods and made sure I used all types of research,
Active and desk research - I conducted a survey for the Marks and Spencers customer to feel out, and I made sure I spent hours on end finding vital information on the iInternet to support all of my actions planned.

I just worry about TIME for me the biggest dislike able word in the world. Time flies so fast, there isn't enough time in the day - BOOOOOOOO. I want 35 + hours in the day.

I don't want to bore you any longer, but as you can see below my life consists on doodles, LOTS and LOTS of them.

Oh, and one more thing - The bible. This below is the bible, free from Marks and Spencers themselves - Thank you very much.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. SOI presentation tomorrow - fingers crossed. Let you know how it all goes, really hope they love my concept.

Karren Brady

A women with an extremly successful career, Someone with such drive and determination, I want to be just like her one day,

'For every successful man, there's a shocked mother in law' - Karren Brady

That's the women herself,

Can't wait to see her on Tuesday night on the apprentice - LOVE LOVE LOVE Sir Alan Sugar.