Friday, 13 May 2011

6pm finish -

Hardcore, Hardcore, Hardcore Me.

I wish to do super, super well with this last FMP - as it'll be the last piece of work I ever do. So I'm trying really really hard - which means college 9 -5 everyday, hasn't helped I've had tonsillitis this week either. It's killlllllllllllllling me.

Feel like I'm on track - I've set myself an amount of work which I want completed by the end of weeks, because I know only have 4 weeks until hand - in. Which will come round oh so fast.

My research is up on the go - ready to hand in, well nearly - can't believe how long it's taking me to cut and stick - plan to get the mum and sister on the go with the scissors while Britain's got talent is on Saturday night.

I'm not gonna lie and say I'm really fast, because I'm not - and as everybody will tell you - I'm a perfectionist. Spend hours deciding on font, colour, size, layout and all the little bits which I doubt nobody will even take notice of.

I was thinking about logo for ages, and Debbie told me to keep it SIMPLE, and reflect the existing sub - brands logo - which in my opinion are pretty dull. But, they are so easy to read and remember - I knew I wanted the logo to have some colour in it, and I new that colour had to be green - as the range is all about Eco product - so bamb, that bit was easy. Tried a million one times to get it write, even turnt the world upside down to see what that looked like, Tony was slightly confused when I showed him that one - and replied, the brand isn't called reflection Amy. Thanks.

But below is my logo - Represents Eco - simple - clear - and remember able.

I've created a template to use throughout the whole of my project - the logo will be on every page accept my mood boards. Small in the corner, and faded mood boards in the background - Only spent a few hours on it, not long. You know me.