Friday, 13 May 2011

Mood board mania -

Take a look, this is my African trend mood board - completed it today, and plan to finish the other two mood boards tomorrow - then onto the trend analysis pages. Love doing these pages - really really creative. Take a look, (Of course when I print my final copy, I'll use the best of the best paper - and no doubt go all out and get every page laminated!

Again, I've taken a photo of the image - I'm not at college, and forgot to save it on my USB - typical.
But as you can see, there is a huge colour palette, and all the colours fit together really well, with three famous prints - zebra, giraffe and leopard. These prints work really well with colour and represent a huge trend. Women will Love it.

p.s I promise to upload my other two mood boards as soon as there done.