Monday, 16 May 2011

Monday blues

Not going to lie or anything - Finding today extremely hard, even managed to shed some tears - what an emotional wreck. I let FMP do this to me last year, why have I gone and done it again.

If only I new what motivated me - I know it's success, and I know if I don't complete my FMP - and get a job then I won't find success - but it's just not working today, I worry about EVERYTHING and listening to everybody and college saying, 'Have you done this' 'I've done this' does not help one bit.

On the plus side, i've got an interview for Miss Selfridge on Thursday - fingers crossed, I think that's something that worries me a lot, if only I new I had a secure job at the end of my course, I think life would be so much easier.

My lists just keep getting longer and longer, and I start things but never finished them. Started my SWOT - not finished - started my Customer profile - that's not finished. I really hope it all comes together, and I really wish I was a little at ease over the whole thing, I mean i've done quite a bit compared to some people and I'm still worrying.

Panic Parsons - that's me.