Thursday, 5 May 2011


Such a small word - with so much meaning. and (Two of my most favorite websites in the world, besides facebook, which I will not be using during FMP)

My aim - to understand the customer better, and meet their needs more effectively and to clearly identify the gap in the market, gather information about new trends and products - and most of all

Shape the future strategy

OK, so they're not all of my own words - Jane Rome knows best when it comes to research.

Market and consumer data - Social trends - Performance data

I've actually done loads of Research it's just in one big pile in my bedroom -

I made sure I looked at the;
  • Where the gap in the market is
  • Social trends - new products
  • Competition on the high street
  • Brand opportunities
  • Newspapers, magazine and Internet articles
  • Company figures
  • Key fabrics and colours for SS12
  • Trend websites - fashion icons
  • Dispensable income information
and, LOADS, LOADS more - it's all in my research file.

I tell you what, I'll upload some of my comp shops I've conducted, just to give you an idea - one of the main things I made sure I looked at was all of the different sub brands in Marks - and how the positioning of them could affect the new sub - brand. I was quite lucky, whilst at Marks head office I made sure I slipped in a few questions with the directors - and got the all clear from them personally. I wanted to make sure the new sub - brand had something even more exciting to offer. The older customer needs extremely fashion trends - they want to feel AMAZING.

I used some of Janes methods and made sure I used all types of research,
Active and desk research - I conducted a survey for the Marks and Spencers customer to feel out, and I made sure I spent hours on end finding vital information on the iInternet to support all of my actions planned.

I just worry about TIME for me the biggest dislike able word in the world. Time flies so fast, there isn't enough time in the day - BOOOOOOOO. I want 35 + hours in the day.

I don't want to bore you any longer, but as you can see below my life consists on doodles, LOTS and LOTS of them.

Oh, and one more thing - The bible. This below is the bible, free from Marks and Spencers themselves - Thank you very much.

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. SOI presentation tomorrow - fingers crossed. Let you know how it all goes, really hope they love my concept.