Saturday, 7 May 2011

Comp shop galore -

Yesterday -
After an extremley nerve racking morning - SOI Presentation, I was overwhelemed by the comments and how much faith they had in my FMP idea. In a weird way, it kind of gave me that extra convidence and boost that I needed to believe that my idea is commerical enough and to actually work.

And.... then put me in panic mode when I realised I know only have about four weeks untill hand - in.

'Whatever you do Amy, don't go into Parsons Panic mode' Justin Smith, too late i'm afraid.

Just want to nail this on the head now.

Took a trip down to Oxford street -
  • Street style and influences
  • Competitors on the high street
  • Photos and SWOTs of different retailers.
I felt like a dectitive, but going into lots of different stores was a huge amount of help, I took photos in, and looked at current trends.

My Aim - To attract that older more fashionable lady, that already exists as a customer in Marks, but dones't usualy find what she's looking for in the clothing department, but might do her weekly food shop in marks , buy accessories or even underwear.

Retailers like -
  • L.K Bennett
  • Vaella
  • Jeager
  • East
  • Phase 8
  • Kew
  • Jigzaw
  • Reiss
Are all stores that I feel represent where the 'customer' may already shop, but some of these retailers may be to high priced but they offer fashionable silhouttes that the 'customer' may want to wear.

Images showing the different existing sub - brands within Marks and Spencers -