Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Where the idea came from

My brain was bombared with ideas, some which were way to imaginative.
But the one thing that stuck in the back of my head was a market research presentation that I attended, way back in January by Jane Rome -

I made sure I asked the all important question, 'Where do you feel the gap in the market is?' of which she replied ' The older more fashionable lady' KERCHING. there begun my FMP idea,

Oh yeah, take a look at that graph, it shows how the ageing population for the older customer is increasing,
And you know what that means? There going to want to be wearing clothes - fashionable clothes as the media coverage has made them more aware of fashion.

Ideas followed;
Own boutique for the older customer?
Concession within a department store for the older customer?
Sub - brand for the older customer in an existing store?

I knew I had to think fast, and spending three weeks at Marks and Spencers head office over the Easter break - with the Trend and Sourcing department in womenswear, everything unfolded!

The opportunity was right infront of me, I had all the research in the world sitting at my desk, the most influential people around me - so why not just bombard them with questions, my intentions begun.

Does any of that make sense to you? I feel like i'm just talking to myself in my head - But in a nut shell, I am launching a new sub brand for the older customer - probably aged around 50 - 65, that will be extremley fashionable! Oh and the catch, the brand is going to support Marks and Spencers PLAN A as all of the products of the new sub - brand will be eco friendly.
My nan's excited!

 My mess I lived in for three weeks at Marks and Spencers - like a dream come true


A little something I helped put together - SS12 Fabrics - supporting PLAN A