Monday, 9 May 2011

Merch madness -

1st merchandising lesson back, overwhelming to say the least. Felt like everything was put in perspective towards the end of it though, after all there is only 7 spreadsheets to do.
  • Space and sales plan
  • Unit plan
  • Option plan
  • WSSI
  • Delivery schedule
  • Range plan
  • Critical path
But I actually feel quite confident about these, and plan to have at least 3 of them done by the end of the week, ready to show Angie on Monday.

I've started my mood boards, Can't wait to show you those, give me a few days and kerching - I'll upload them.

What else did I manage to do today? Oh yeah, photocopied loads and loads of articles from market research books and verdict - one very, very interesting online site, good job I never had to pay for the articles really, some of them were like £10,000 and putting that kind of article in my basket felt kind of wrong.

I've got work placement for the day tomorrow - so I've wrote in my diary loads of questions that I can ask them;
  • How many top stores do they have?
  • How much space would a brand be given?
  • Would they trial the brand in top stores - or would it go all stores?
and most importantly . . . . . . .

Can I use there printer when it comes to printing? who'd of though they used such good quality paper.

I've had loads of logo ideas, just a case of picking which one I prefer - the brand is called 'Aware' as it means knowledgeable, it shows how the customer is aware that the products are Eco - friendly.

What'd you think?