Friday, 13 May 2011

Expert advice

Tuesday -

Being on placement at Marks and Spencer's is one hell of an advantage - and just as Debbie said, 'take advantage of that!' - which is what I have done.

Managed to speak to lots and lots of people on Tuesday and asked lots and LOTS of questions.

  • How much space would a new sub - brand be given?
  • How many stores would a new sun - brand go to?
  • What stores? How many top stores are there?
  • When would they launch the brand?
  • How effective would the launch be?

Obviously I asked the merchandising team - and from this I came to a conclusion, The brand will launch around March time, as this is when the sales pick up in Marks, January and February are dead months, and the brand will launch in 21 top stores, including the Internet as that counts as one. The brand will consist on three capsule collections - as this will make a bigger impact to the customer, as the collections will consist of key, fashionable product, - the customer will then be able to stop basic product from the t-shirt range which is already existent within all stores.

Ideas as followed, an Eco - friendly canvas bag free with all purchases.
Display of the web page.

Members of the womenswear department LOVED my idea, and felt the age range I am targeting at is spot on, they also mentioned that it was the age range of the 'Portfolio' customer, which has recently been taken out of Marks - this brand didn't work because it different give a clear message, the product was wearing work wear and customers 50+ still want to buy fashionable product.